Three Pin-Hole Photos of the Same Apartment Block

architecture, black and white photography, experiment, urban landscape

These three were taken with a Holga Wide Pinhole Camera in the vertical panoramic format. Lamalou les Bains is a prosperous and bourgeois spa town, with many clinics. However there are certain areas that have suffered neglect and dereliction. Not surprisingly, these are the most interesting to explore and photograph. These flats, at first view, seemed to be unoccupied, but as I photographed them I realised that they were in fact inhabited.


Four Stereoscopic Photos From the Museum


I’ve already praised Bédarieux’s little Musée du Patrimoine in an earlier blog post – Bringing Stuffed Animals Back To Life. Here are four anaglyphs I made there last February.

There are essentially two ways of presenting 3D photographs: anaglyphs and stereograms. Anaglyphs superimpose the left and right-eye images – making one red and the other cyan. To get the 3D effect they must be viewed with glasses designed to separate-out the two images.