A Morning at Coloubres

black and white photography, landscape, urban landscape

It is easy to overlook the many small villages that dot the map just to the North of B├ęziers. The fact that they are built on a flat coastal plain means that their buildings rarely struggle for a place in the landscape, unlike villages in the mountains, where buildings have had to be fitted as best as possible into the often difficult terrain available, making for a more visually interesting environment. And the fact that these villages all center around the single industry of wine production can leave them all looking quite similar to one another.

However, Coloubres has its own character – maybe because it is built on a low, elongated hill. It certainly offers some interesting panoramas (unrepresented here – I’m sorry, I’m not very strong on ‘views’) and has enough quirky spots to have made for enjoyable photographing on the morning of the 5th of April. In addition the light was particularly good – sunny, but with a softening veil of thin cloud.