Laurens, Hérault, 24 December 2009

architecture, black and white photography

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Taken Christmas Eve, 2009. It shows part of the ‘cave cooperative’ at Laurens, and was taken through my car windscreen, giving a slightly low viewpoint.
It was raining at the time. I let the drops accumulate on the windscreen whilst photographing – letting the out-of-focus drops give a subtle smudging to the image.

Three Pin-Hole Photos of the Same Apartment Block

architecture, black and white photography, experiment, urban landscape

These three were taken with a Holga Wide Pinhole Camera in the vertical panoramic format. Lamalou les Bains is a prosperous and bourgeois spa town, with many clinics. However there are certain areas that have suffered neglect and dereliction. Not surprisingly, these are the most interesting to explore and photograph. These flats, at first view, seemed to be unoccupied, but as I photographed them I realised that they were in fact inhabited.


Three Recent Photos

architecture, black and white photography, landscape, recent work

These three photographs were all taken in April. Two are instances of one of my more insistent and persistent visual obsessions: how things look when seen through a disrupting screen or obstacle. Whilst this obsession takes center-stage in the two vertical images; in the landscape shot taken just outside the village of Salasc the visual obstacles are emerging from the wings, and act more as a frame than as disruptions.