I now photograph almost exclusively onto 35mm film, though I occasionally use 120 film (and have had periods when I have photographed principally onto 120 film), and have in the past worked with 4×5 film – especially for the life-cast self-portraits.

  • My main camera is a Canon AE1 combined with a 35mm lens.
  • I also carry with me a Ricoh R100. This is a small, light-weight point-and-press camera which offers no control of aperture and shutter, but which has a decent-enough lens, whose flaws give interesting and often pleasing results.

My other cameras include:

  • a Canon EOS50e with a 35mm lens. This was for a long time my main camera.
  • a Holga 120WPC – a pinhole camera which gives 16x6cm negatives – I used this for my garden pinhole work;
  • a Holga 120PC-3D – a pinhole camera for taking 6×6 3D negatives
  • a Bronica Zenza 4.5×6 camera with a 75mm lens
  • a Bronica Zenza 6×6 camera with a 65mm lens for square-format work. The 65mm lens gives the moderate wide-angle perspective I so like.
  • an Olympus mju-II
  • a Nikon Coolpix – this is my only digital camera to date. I use it mainly to make little films, though I occasionally use it for straight photography.

I used to have many more cameras – especially Rolleiflex and Mamiya twin lens reflex systems, but these were lost in floods.



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