Taking The Photos

My work roughly divides between what I call ‘outscapes’ (photos in which the camera points outwards towards the World and Life), and self-portraits where the camera points inwards, towards myself.

My outscapes are technically unsophisticated: the challenge is in ‘seeing’ the photograph rather than in taking it. I keep a light yellow-green filter on my lens and generally set my shutter at 1/125th of a second, though I will change this if a particular aperture is required. Other than with pinhole work, I rarely use a tripod for outdoor work.

I like place myself in visually interesting situation (a place, an event, a moving vehicle…) and then visually explore it and try to surprise myself with my perception of it. I work responsively rather than synthetically: finding photographs rather than constructing them from pre-conceived ideas, moving myself rather than moving the object. I believe that all situations can offer something worth photographing and I work in all lights, weather, location, situation or time of day…

Self-portraits are my technical play-ground, where I experiment with the possibilities of photography. Each self-portrait project makes different technical demands and often require quite a steep learning curve before I get results that please me.

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