The ‘Birkhead Session’

black and white photography, self-portrait

The photographs in the panel below were all taken in one session onto one roll of film. The panel show all the photographs taken during this session, but their arrangement does not correspond to the sequence of their taking.

These images are the result of long exposures whilst I moved my head, as my friend – and assistant for this session – the Mr Birkhead after whom this work is named – rotated 360° a card set before the lens, from which card a narrow sector (a ‘pizza slice’) had been cut out . This allowed only small portions of the negative to receive exposure at any one moment, giving both a more complex and more defined depiction of head movement.

The 'Birkhead Session', Batley, West Yorkshire, 12 July 2000

The Birkhead Session, Batley, West Yorkshire, 12 July 2000

Unfortunately the negatives for this session were lost during floods in 2014 – luckily, I prior to the floods I had made high-resolution scans of these negatives.


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